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Echevarria leaps wind-assisted 8.92m in Havana

Echevarría jumps 8.92 in Copa Cuba in Havana

Juan Miguel Echevarria quite literally got his outdoor campaign off to a flying start when leaping to a wind-assisted 8.92m to win the long jump at the Copa Cuba meeting in Havana on Sunday (10).
The world indoor champion from Cuba was helped by a 3.3m/s following wind – beyond the allowable 2.0m/s limit for record purposes – to produce the farthest jump under any conditions for almost 24 years. Seguir leyendo Echevarria leaps wind-assisted 8.92m in Havana

The “big girl” says good bye

Ekaterina Gamova new pic 2012 04 Ekaterina Gamova will not play anymore for the Russian national team. She announced it before the Olympic games and, in consequence, her last performance was against Brazil  in the 2-3 quarter final game defeat. After the last point in a dramatic tie-break, Gamova covered her face with the hands and cried.

The last game was in the quarter finals round of 2012 Olympic Games. Russia, her team, lost against Brazil and the gold medal dream died. ¿Do you remember that game?

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Высокаядевушкаговорит «Досвидания»

Ekaterina Gamova new pic 2012 11Екатерина Гамова больше не будет играть за национальную сборную России. Она объявила об этом еще до Олимпиады, поэтому поражение от Бразилии 2-3 в четвертьфинале было ее последней игрой. Послерешающегорозыгрыша того драматичного тайбрейка Гамова закрыла лицо руками и расплакалась.

Последняя игра была в четвертьфинале Олимпиады. Сборная России, ее команда, проиграла Бразилии, и мечта о золотой медали была похоронена. Выпомнитетуигру?
Этобылавосхитительнаяигра. Одна из тех, которые можно пересматривать снова и снова, и это не наскучит. Захватывающая, напряженная, с россыпью звезд на площадке, которые играли в высококлассный волейбол и в то же время допускали нелепейшие ошибки. Неизбежный признак игра под давлением.

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Osleni Guerrero: "I have to try to improve all the time"

osleni-guerrero-badminton-cuba_0 Osleni Guerrero finished as runner-up in the 2012Pan American Badminton Tournament, held in Lima, Peru, a silver medal that is a worthwhile addition to his new career that also includes the subtitle in the Guadalajara 2011Pan American Games. The young Havana city boy is the best Cuban ever in the world ranking, currently placing 121 with a total of 13,250 points (updated October 18, 2012). These days, when he just turned 24, he agreed to talk with Oncuba:

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Ismael López Mastrapa: “I Owe Cuba Everything I Know”

ismael(2)_0 Keshorn Walcott and his javelin produced the most unexpected story in the Olympic Games athletics. The Trinitarian transcended as the youngest champion in this discipline when, at the age of 19, he was crowned champion with an 84.58m throw. The title was the second Olympic gold in the history of his native Trinidad and Tobago, and the first in the last 36 years since Hasely Crawford’s 100m victory in Montreal ’76.
In the outstanding performance by Keshorn Walcott, who also won the gold medal at the 2012 World Juvenile Championship, the knowledge of Cuban trainer Ismael López Mastrapa plays a role. The trainer, a native of the eastern province of Holguín, became news due to his pupil¡s relevant performance during the season, and these days he is again focused by the media after being chosen by the North American, Central American and Caribbean Trainers’ Association (NACAC) as best NACAC trainer, a distinction that took him by surprise and so he admitted in his statements, granted via e-mail to this writer.

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Ruth Beitia: "… Like “Soto , only" Soto " can jump”

javier y ruth Ruth Beitia Vila, despite being 33 and having announced her retirement, just got the best season of her long career as an athlete. In 2012, the Spanish high jumper became European champion in the Helsinki Championships last June and was fourth in the Olympic Games in London.
In the British capital, Ruth crossed the barrier of 2 meters, a height she had never reached in major competitions and is just 2 centimeters shy of her best performance ever: 2.02m on August 4, 2007 in San Sebastian.
This charismatic athlete, a native of the Spanish region of Cantabria, says she has great admiration for Cuba and Sotomayor is her reference…

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